Friday, 9 March 2012

20mph for Bristol!!!

Bristol's residential roads to have blanket 20mph speed limit

Read full article here 


British Cycling responds to Labour's cycling policy proposals

"Maria Eagle MP’s proposals include a mandatory Cycling Safety Assessment for all future transport projects, a specific road budget allocation for cycling, a renewed commitment to cycle training, backing for Local Authorities on cycling promotion and infrastructure, national targets on accident reduction and a reversal of the trial of longer lorries on UK roads, together with new plans for the funding of urgent improvemelnts to HGV safety".     Click here to read in full

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Kingfisher in the park

I saw a beautiful kingfisher perched by the river in Eastville Park today. I was looking down to the river from above and saw the irridescent blue stripe down his/her back. I flew off before I had time to get the camera out! (it wasn't the one pictured here).

Will look for it again.

Silver Convertable BMW reg ****** nearly ***** ** ****

Unfortunately a silver convertable BMW 3 series ****** *** without ******* and ********** as I cycled past today. I managed to take evasive action and just avoided being ******** into the ******* ****.

I turned and signalled to the driver to look (pointed at my eyes).

He decided to get out of his car and ******** me with *******, nice!

Police informed, have an appointment with them tomorrow.

Later I remembered seeing the same car last year, driver got out of car and ******* a pedestrian ** *** ***** At the time I took a pic on my phone as he drove away from the scene in case a witness was needed. Looks like it was the exact car in todays incident!!!

(photo taken last summer, 1/7/11, 20.00 after the driver of this silver BMW ****** a pedestrian ** *** *****).

This guy is obviously a ***** and a ****** to other road users.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Here is the full parliamentary debate on Cycling and Cycling Safety, today, 23/2/2012

Cycle Safety Phone-in

BBC Radio 5 Live had a phone in on Cycle Safety this morning, unfortunately interrupted by the studio fire alarm going off and an evacuation! You can listen to it here for the next 7 days.

The usual arguments came up; cyclists don't pay road tax (even though no one does!); cyclists need licences; cyclists shouldn't ride 2 abreast; cyclists shouldn't jump red lights ("RLJ'ing" I somewhat agree with this, it presents little danger to anyone, but it provides motorists with their biggest stick to beat us with, even though 3 or 4 times more injuries are caused by RLJ'ing motorists - and then the injury is usually to another road user, whereas cycling RLJ injuries are usually to the cyclist themselves).

One caller pointed out that London streets can convey 2000 cars per hour, but 14000 bikes per hour, thus cycling benefits everyone (we are even reducing congestion for motorists).

One taxi driver complained about the hordes of cyclists on Waterloo Bridge using the bus lane (as they are allowed). He said they held him up and he had to overtake 4 or 5 wide across the lane. Presumably he wants them to cycle single file in the gutter so he doesn't have to deviate from his line at all, providing his door mirror can miss the cyclist by 1cm.

I hate this assumption that many drivers seem to make that they must travel as fast as they can at all times. What's the rush? Did you set off too late? Okay, the taxi driver makes a living, but most probably he drives fast between one hold-up and the next. His average speed is unlikely to improve much for all this risk and fuel usage. (I do have some understanding of the issues, having worked as a motorcycle courier and a mini cab driver for a few years!).

On the few occasions that I use my car to travel around Bristol, I find my average speed is around 8 mph, on the bike it is usually around 11 mph, and of course costs a lot less!

Anyway, potentially a big day for cycling as Parliament debates it at 2.30


Parliament Debates Cycling Safety Today! Watch here!

Today Parliament will debate Cycling Safety, you can watch it here on Parliament TV at 2.30pm.

The Times newspaper launched its Cities Fit For Cycling campaign following the serious injury of their reporters, Mary Bowers whilst riding to work.

This campaign is so important that I have suspended my misgivings about the Murdoch empire, if only in respect of this issue.